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  • Genuine humility cannot be cultivated artificially – Here is why
    It is natural for a civilized society to consciously appreciate the value of humility. Unlike the colonial era when aristocracy was adorned with honorific titles like Lord and His Excellency, and the rank and file were dealt with like slaves, today’s civilization demands exemplary humility in the top leadership. Realizing the importance of humility, government […]
  • Addressing the unending quest for God – A practical approach
    Every human being thinks about God although the intensity and quality of such thoughts may vary. They could be favorable or unfavorable. This is because that’s how humans are made. Quest for God is inherent in them. Those who think of God favorably are called devotees and those who think of Him unfavorably are called […]
  • Sridevi departs leaving an important message for humanity
    Since yesterday all the Indian news portals are full of updates on Sridevi, a superstar of Indian cinema industry, who left her body at 54 in Dubai giving an unforgettable shock to her fans, friends and well wishers. Reports say she died of cardiac arrest. Thousands of pages have already been written glorifying Sridevi for […]
  • Inconceivable benefits of performing Sri Navadvipa mandal parikrama
     Every year thousands of people from around the world gather in Sridham Maypaur to participate in the annual Navadvip Mandal parikrama organized by ISKCON. They walk around the nine islands camping out for some great nine days apparently in some of the lost villages of India’s West Bengal state. Devotees also use boats to […]
  • If aliens can watch us how can they be less advanced?
    As a result of increasing number of UFO sightings, recently we have seen number of theories floating in the cyberspace strongly proposing aliens do in fact exist. One such theory suggests that aliens exist but are hiding from human beings on this planet. It also proposes number of reasons for such behavior of the aliens. […]
  • Why nothing is wrong in saying Darwin theory is wrong
    Are mainstream scientists, especially in India, about to lose their bread and butter? Why are they in panic over Union Minister Dr. Satyapal Singh’s bold remarks challenging the Darwin theory? We see organized attack on his statements and frantic attempts by scientists to prove them absurd, non-scientific and offensive. Some groups have even signed online […]
  • Do not ignore this when life seems all well
    Like most of you, I also have met hundreds of thousands of people in my life. When we ask, “how are you?”, depending on our relationship with that person the replies range from “it’s great” to “all well” to “ok” to “going on”. Hardly do we hear, “too bad”. People generally do not want others […]
  • Closing the debate whether God is partial
    The question whether God is partial is not new. You may find a good number of opinions and explanations  pertaining to it. People not inclined to search out the truth go with their own understanding and either thank or blame God for good or bad in their lives. There are also those who believe in […]