Monday, December 18, 2017

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  • High university degrees and foreign education essential for a leader?
    This write-up is the result of a video clip, a part of which I recently happened to watch. Although carefully presented, the video was highly misleading, so much so that I thought of sharing my thoughts with you. I do not have any issue with its political motivation; my outrage is the way it belittled […]
  • Frightening booms heard across the world – NASA doesn’t know what it is
    Frighteningly loud booms heard around the world have baffled experts. No one knows where the mystical booms are originating from. Even NASA has admitted it doesn’t know what it is. The Birmingham Alabama National Weather Service was stumped too and admitted they cannot ascertain the source of it. According to reports, in 2017 alone this […]
  • Scientists debate if we are living in a simulated universe controlled by someone else
    Last year we published an article on the latest debate among some of the mainstream scientists and philosophers about the origin of the universe and, more importantly, whether there is someone controlling it. Hmm… I am not sure about you but to some people this may sound like a fantasy. How can there be someone […]
  • Happiness does not last? You may be missing the point
    Let’s get straight to the point. Do you realize that almost all of us spend practically every moment of our life to become happy? You may say you are working for others’ happiness, but, with hardly any exception, the driving force behind such acts is to find personal satisfaction in doing so. So it comes […]
  • Scientists puzzled – Milky Way is different from what they previously thought
    There are numerous theories presented by modern scientists on what exactly the Milky Way galaxy is, how it behaves and how its behavior can be used to understand our universe. In fact, this galaxy is considered the pivot point for understanding other galaxies and the structure of the universe. Until now it is considered to […]
  • How Ma Durga clears many misconceptions about female energy
    Every Durga puja we experience a fresh air of enthusiasm and excitement in the atmosphere. This is not just religious sentiments as some people, who do not know the actual reason behind it suggest. We need to understand first why Durga puja is held only during this time of the year. If it were just […]
  • Divine purpose of ancient Indian Temple dance
    The Natya Shastra of Bharatmuni describes the divine origin of classical dance. As Lord Brahma created the fifth Veda by incorporating the “Pathyam” or recitation from Rig Veda, “Geetam” or melody from Sama Veda, Abhinaya from Yajur Veda and Rasa from Atharva Veda, and presented it to Bharat Muni, a dance drama was enacted in […]
  • How the fearsome Hurricane Irma forced prayers to God back in the News
    It’s been terrible in Florida. Hurricane Irma has its say. President Donald Trump has advised citizens to “just get out of its way” and not worry for possessions. Around 6.4 million people were asked to evacuate or live on their own. After devastating the Caribbean islands, on its way, the unchallenged Irma has knocked out […]